Police warn Drake fanatics towards doing ‘Shiggy’ dance on highway


When Drake released his hyped album Scorpion a month ago nobody was talking about jumping from moving vehicles to dance to one of his songs.

But over the past several weeks the Toronto rapper’s track In My Feelings has exploded in popularity and inspired an unusual viral dance sensation that’s crossed generations and led to a number of serious injuries.

The sudden popularity of the so-called Shiggy dance, which started as an Instagram post by U-S comic Shiggy, has encouraged many people to grab their phones and try to mimic the choreography. The idea is to get out of a slow-moving car, leave the door open and dance beside it while someone inside records a video.

Over the past several weeks, Drake’s song In My Feelings has exploded in popularity and inspired an unusual viral dance. (Getty Images)

According to news reports, one dancer fractured her skull while trying to perform at a roundabout, while another was run over by his car.

It was enough for Halton police in Ontario to issue a warning on Thursday saying that distracted drivers and pedestrians moving to Drake’s song are a “perfect storm” for potential injuries.


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