The Government Has To Reprint Trump’s State Of The Union Tickets Because There’s A Typo Because You Can’t Make This Up


(“Visitor’s” is also incorrect, per the Office of Art & Archives website.)

A spokesperson for the Sergeant at Arms Office, the nonpartisan office in charge of printing the tickets, confirmed that there was a “misprint” and that Senate staffers had corrected, reprinted, and are currently redistributing the tickets.

The spokesperson did not know how many tickets had to be recalled and redistributed, however. Around 700 people usually attend the address, which is a joint session of Congress plus some of the president’s guests.

The Sergeant at Arms spokesperson could not say whether the office had ever messed up and needed to reprint the SOTU tickets, “but I don’t recall it happening before.”

Apparently, the “design remains pretty much the same” every year.

“Sometimes the colors and little details change and obviously the dates,” the spokesperson for the Sergeant at Arms said.

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