TTC customers will listen the voice of comic Seth Rogen — beginning lately


It’s official. Starting today, TTC users will hear the familiar voice of a famous Canadian comedian telling them how to behave on public transit.

TTC spokesperson Brad Ross announced today that Seth Rogen, who starred in films such as Pineapple Express and Knocked Up, has voiced a series of public service announcements that will begin playing today on Toronto’s subway system.

“Hello TTC users, Seth Rogen here. Backpacks are super efficient, I get it. They carry all your stuff. They hang on your back. They’re fantastic,” says Rogen in one of his announcements.

“But when you wear your backpack instead of taking it off, it very much annoys everyone around you on the subway. Don’t be a backpack hunchback. That’s not a thing, but it is now. Anyway, don’t do it.”

Yesterday, rumours were circulating in the city about the partnership after Ross tweeted a selfie with Rogen wearing a Bloor-Yonge hat, standing in front of a microphone.

Earlier this week, Vancouver’s transit Translink announced that Rogen, who was born [and raised] in Vancouver, would be voicing announcements on its transit system.

“I was shocked when they went along with it, honestly,” Rogen told CBC News during an interview in Los Angeles Saturday promoting his latest film Like Father.

“But they did go along with it and then I recorded it. And now, you can hear my voice giving you, kind of, etiquette tips.”

The public service announcements for TTC cover topics like holding train doors open, wearing backpacks, evading fares, and personal grooming on public transit.

Seth Rogen and TransLink’s social media manager, Robert Willis, spoke with On The Coast’s Gloria Macarenko Friday about getting everybody on board for the new announcements. (TransLink)


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