Unruly passenger Tasered and got rid of from American Airways flight


A passenger was Tasered multiple times by police and removed from a flight scheduled to depart from Miami on Monday in an incident caught on video.

American Airlines says flight 2446 from Miami bound for Chicago was due to take off at around 9:30 p.m. ET when “a disagreement occurred between two passengers.”

“The aircraft was still at the gate in Miami, and the instigating passenger was asked by our Miami team members to deplane, and he refused,” the airline said. 

The man, identified in a police report as 28-year-old Chicago resident Jacob Garcia, was accused of touching a fellow passenger without her permission. The airline attempted to remedy the situation by moving him to another seat, but Garcia then “began to scream and insult” the woman and her boyfriend.

He was then asked to deplane, but he “refused to comply and began to cause a disturbance,” the police report said.

Miami-Dade county police officers attempted to handcuff him when he “began to resist and pull away” so an officer “decided to engage Garcia with his electronic control weapon,” commonly known as a Taser.

Video of the incident taken by passenger Jordan Liss shows Garcia being zapped multiple times, seemingly with very little effect, as he can be heard talking throughout.

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After eventually being removed from the plane, the police report alleges that Garcia at one point reached for an officer’s gun, more than once, while in the terminal.

Once subdued, while in the back of a police car, police says Garcia then kicked the driver’s side rear window out of alignment, causing $150 US in damages.

The airline says the flight ended up taking off with all other passengers on board about an hour later, at 10:34 p.m. local time.


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